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New biography of Ronnie's life story.

"Mark Of The Beast"

"The Killing Of A Superstar"

Preparing the tour "The Miracle They Call Ronnie Fuller"

COMING SOON: "Ronnie Fuller" the motion picture.

Read about the cover-up where Ronnie's own Doctors still tell Ronnie's family he's still in remission after 33 years. Read how after a decade, Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing has finally started an investigation into the biggest conspiracy in American History, led by a police investigation by the Fond du lac Police Department, that finally proves beyond a doubt, that Doctor Charles Barnes, and Doctor Daryl Treffert, were paid to commit perjury after perjury, to destroy Ronnie's family.

5 days after their unbelievable lies, 30 doctors and lawyers signed affidavits that they all feared Fuller would kill them if he didn't win. And then simply quit the case? All at once? Really?!! Ronnie and Jason's upcoming concert will be Ronnie's first, after being told 33 years ago that he couldn't live more than 2-3 years once the disease became active. Rene' lived in agony, expecting Ronnie to die for 33 years.And still they tell Rene he is in remission?????????