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A case filed in Wisconsin began somewhat as normal as any other medical malpractice, except maybe they amount of lost income requested was $50 million dollars.

The case Fuller vs. Schultz quickly became an event that is unprecedented in American History. Nothing like this case ever existed or will again. Ronnie Fuller was dismissed because unbelievably he was judged to be a mobster of such a magnitude that the small community of Shawano Wisconsin did not have enough security personal, guns, metal detectors, or modern equipment to stop Ronnie and his friends from turning the court room into a blood bath if he lost his case. Is this a true story? YES! Except for the fact that Ronnie Fuller is one of the kindest, most generous, loving man anyone could ever meet in their lives. He is famous and also a legend. And, possibly one of the greatest singer/songwriters in the world. World famous people will attest to these facts if they have to fly here from around the world. So, lets begin this incredible journey through the statements of attorneys who have slandered Ronnie Fuller to a level only a madman would believe.

Excerpts from the lawyers in Fuller vs. Schultz
"Mr. Fuller beat his wife in the '70's."
-Appellate Judge La Rouche

"Mr. Fuller is a paranoid psychotic with homicidal tenancies. This diagnosis is based on the fact that he believes he worked undercover for the government."
-Dr. Barnes EMI

"Mr. Fuller has yet to explain that the outcome of the case would have been different if we would have had a Wisconsin license."
-Attorneys Gantz and Bollinger

"This is a 50 million dollar malpractice suit, not a $5,000 malpractice suit, so we would like to make double sure everything follows the law and there are no mistakes."
"I didn't realize that having my Wisconsin license revoked for 17 years had any bearing on this case."
-Attorney Barry Bollinger, Chicago

"Virtually every lawyer in Wisconsin has refused to represent us once they were apprised of Mr. Fuller's violence."
-Kimberly Martin, Insurance Company Rep.

"We'll need very modern equipment, especially metal detectors to stop Mr. Fuller's many friends who would bring numerous weapons into the courtroom."
-Attorneys Gantz and Bollinger, Chicago

"We want a restraining order to keep Mr. Fuller and his wife one mile from our homes and offices at all times."
-Attorneys Gantz and Bollinger, Chicago

"We would like Mr. Fuller to appear in court via closed circuit television to keep everyone in the court room safe."
-Chicago attorneys

"We would like this case sealed expressly from the press and third parties who would write about it."
-Attorneys Bollinger and Gantz

"Ronnie Fuller's violence dates well back in to his childhood."
-Ralph Tease, Green Bay

"I would like all reports, all events, and all places where violence took place by Mr. Fuller."
-Judge Fox

"All the people in Mr. Fuller's home have been put in danger by his actions."
-Attorneys Bollinger and Gantz

"Mr. Fuller has access to many firearms."
-Attorneys Bollinger and Gantz

"As the trial grows nearer, Mr. Fuller's violent tendancies grow stronger."
-Ralph Tease, Green Bay

"We took this case in December of 1993 and had it dismissed in August of 1994. Upon Mr. Fuller's appeal several months later, only then were we advised by the Supreme Court of Wisconsin that we were not licensed to practice in Wisconsin. But, in our defense, Judge Fox allowed us to practice.
-Bollinger and Gantz

"Mr. Fuller claims we didn't adhere to Wisconsin Pro Hac Vice laws that state we had to practice with a Wisconsin licensed attorney, but, we had many who were available through, they did not practice with us.
-Bollinger and Gantz

And so, Mr. Fuller's constitutional rights, due process rights, civil rights, civil process and every right he has as an American citizen have become a black star on the Wisconsin Judicial System, even if he wins in the end.