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He arrived in the early evening Thursday, March 18th, 2004 by limousine to promote and to sign his book entitled “I Will Sing My Songs Again” The inconceivable life of Ronnie Fuller by Jason R. Fuller. The titles of the 12 chapters, alone, entice the reader to pick up the book and refuse to set it down until it has been completely read. Add to the chapters, that draw the reader into the book, the brief description of Ronnie Fuller’s life. On the back jacket of the book, causes one to pause and contemplate this extraordinary man’s incredible life story.

Ronnie Fuller’s story provides an inside glimpse into a very gifted individual’s life challenged by life’s obstacles. Local readership are presented with a descriptive glimpse of the surrounding area and people from the earliest days of Menominee and Stockbridge-Munsee tribal history as well as Wisconsin’s history. Experiences from that time period create pictures for the reader of the area towns then and now, and what life was like in a more innocent time for Ronnie Fuller. Ronnie received help from h is loving mother Marcella Besaw for the physical pain that began early in his life, and, Ronnie’s father Norbert Sebastian Besaw taught Ronnie the early lesson of fending for himself as emotional hardships set in. Tremendous health challenges weave themselves throughout his life and historic national events are also noted among the framework of Ronnie Fuller’s life and experiences. Each chapter crests with anticipation as Ronnie Fuller life’s experiences take the reader on a journey, one experience after another.

Ronnie Fuller has struggled all his life, wether you meet him in person or through the pages of his book, you will be amazed at the man’s genuine boldness, to share even the most embarrassing and debasing moments of his life with honest frankness. For those in the legal profession Ronnie Fuller’s experiences with the judicial system with heighten your creative legal minds as you wrestle with the information reporting injustices experienced by Ronnie Fuller through the judicial processes. Is his book the only place you can get to know Ronnie Fuller?

On June 5, 2004 indomitable Ronnie Fuller and the Fuller Experience will appear in the Brown County Veteran’s Memorial Arena. “The Night Of The Stars” will also feature Danny and the Juniors of “Let’s Go To The Hop”, special guest Joey Vespi, world renowned drummer and musician who played for Frank Sinatra, and Williams and Ree of “Indian and the White Guy” fame. (This concert was cancelled due to a stroke suffered by Ronnie.) The Fuller’s are descendants of the Pequot Indian Tribe out of Connecticut. All three band members who front the show are Native Americans. The Fuller spirit shared in the book and demonstrated by Ronnie Fuller and his son Jason, Rene, his wife, daughter-in-law Ashley, and Granddaughter Lexus will capture you.